Mohs Reconstruction

Dr. Srinivas Iyengar is an expert at reconstructive surgery of the eyelid.  As the only practice in San Diego that puts eyelids back together every week, Dr. Iyengar is well-versed in the most current eyelid surgery techniques that result in aesthetically pleasing results with minimal downtime. Those in the public eye who require reconstruction of their eyelid seek out Dr. Iyengar for this.  He has operated on Hollywood actors, professional athletes, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and public officials. Our practice works with dermatologists in Southern California to provide an expert reconstruction of the eyelid after Mohs surgery.  Mohs surgery is a process by which dermatologists removed skin cancer.  Once the skin cancer around the eyelid is removed, reconstruction is performed by a fellowship-trained oculoplastic surgeon.  Optimal reconstruction protects the eye and provides an aesthetically pleasing result.