I was diagnosed with a skin cancer on my upper face or eyelid, what do I do next?

The most common skin cancer around the eyelid is called basal cell carcinoma.  These type of skin cancers erode through the tissue locally but do not metastasize to other parts of the body.  Diagnosis is usually made by a dermatologist or ophthalmologist.  We see patients in our Encinitas and La Jolla offices to coordinate Mohs surgery and reconstruction.  Patients often ask how this coordination between an oculoplastic surgeon and an Mohs surgeon is performed.  The first step is to call our office and have your pathology report and photo of the location of the skin cancer.  The doctor who did the initial biopsy can get you this information.

Our eyelid surgery practice works with the best Mohs surgeons in San Diego to first clear the skin cancer and we coordinate a date that works best for your schedule.  This means the Mohs surgeon removes a portion of the skin cancer around the eyelid and then checks the edges under a microscope.  If there is still residual tumor, they take more, until it is all clear.  Our oculoplastics practice coordinates a prompt reconstruction after this is complete either that day or the next day.   This coordination is done well before seeing the Mohs surgeon for their portion of the procedure.

As eye plastic surgeons, we have the highest expertise in eyelid reconstruction in the San Diego area and our specialty has the highest level of training in medicine for eyelid surgery.  We routinely have Mohs surgeons that refer us their patients from Murietta to Chula Vista.   While some of these patients live far away, they value expertise in getting an aesthetically and functionally superior result.  When reconstruction of the eyelid is performed, we see patients at one week, one month, and at three months.  Seeing an eye plastic surgeon for reconstruction of the upper face gives the best aesthetic result in this area.  We are regularly asked to fix complications when patients have their reconstruction performed by those who are not eyelid specialists.  These are challenging cases and the result of patients not seeing an eyelid expert for their eyelid reconstruction.  Dr. Iyengar is nationally-renowned for his amazing eyelid reconstruction techniques and regularly consulted by his surgeon peers for the optimal approach to safe and aesthetically superior eyelid reconstruction.



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San Diego dermatologist ( M.D.) seeing Dr. Iyengar for her own eyelids.

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