Public Figures

Dr. Iyengar has cared for and operated on individuals in the public eye for the last decade. This has also included numerous physicians, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, pathologists, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, emergency room physicians, anesthesiologists, and ophthalmologists.

Dr. Iyengar took care of Major League Baseball player Miguel Cabrera when he was hit in the eye before his Triple Crown-winning baseball season.

With his experience in caring for elite athletes and those in the public eye, Dr. Iyengar was asked to care for one of the top UFC fighters in the world. She did well and recovered from a toe to the eye. Her injury was seen around the world and her recovery was featured on an ESPN documentary partly filmed at our office.

As the Team Oculoplastic Surgeon for the San Diego Chargers, Dr. Iyengar operated on renowned NFL lineman and former Alabama football player, DJ Fluker. In kind appreciation, DJ Fluker had Dr. Iyengar and his brother, a Denver gastroenterologist, attend the Seattle Seahawks game against the San Diego Chargers.






As the Director of the Health and Human Services (HHS), seen here with Chelsea Clinton, this client of ours is familiar with all the doctors in San Diego and is in the public eye regularly with COVID-19.  He chose our practice for his own eyelid surgery.

HHS Director

This is a stunning model from Los Angeles, CA that came to see us with a mild ptosis, eyelid droop, in the left eye. She underwent scarless upper eyelid surgery and is pleased with the result.


This is one of the founders of PayPal from Northern California that came to see us with an upper eyelid chalazion. He is pleased with the result.