Eyelid and Orbital Trauma

Dr. Iyengar has extensive experience an in complicated eyelid and orbital trauma. He has a gifted ability to reconstruct even the most severe eyelid injuries and which have included the surgical treatment of dog bite injuries, motor vehicle accidents, fireworks injuries, and sports trauma. He has served as part of the medical staff for the San Diego Chargers and the Detroit Tigers. Having covered eye, eyelid, and orbital trauma at Level II Trauma Centers for the last five years, and serving as department chief, Dr. Iyengar has treated adults and children from all walks of life.

Case 1:

This nice ferrier was working at the Del Mar Fair (San Diego County Fair) when his upper eyelid caught a hook on the side of the barn that caused him to sustain a full-thickness eyelid laceration that went through his tear duct and the muscle that lifts the eyelid. Dr Lyengar was consulted by the plastic surgeons and ER doctors at Scripps La Jolla Hospital for his expertise. He was able to perform an incredible reconstruction of the eyelid, avoid a droopy eyelid, and avoid a lifetime of tearing. You can about his experience below.

This is nice Encinitas resident that was bicycling down the 101