Ptosis is a term used for a droopy eyelid. This may be one upper eyelid or both upper eyelids.  The most current approach to droopy eyelids, or ptosis, is an approach that does not require external incisions or scars.  There are some surgeons in the San Diego area that still do not offer this approach to their patients.  Some of the advantages of this procedure include the quicker recovery, less pain, and better aesthetic contour of the eyelid.  We also regularly perform this procedure in patients who have had blepharoplasty done already by surgeons who are not eyelid specialists.  Having been performing this procedure for over a decade, Dr. Iyengar is the most experienced surgeon in scarless ptosis repair in the community.  The external approach to ptosis surgery involved an external incision in the eyelid and is helpful for patients with large amounts of ptosis.

This nice client had previous upper eyelid surgery by a general plastic surgeon and unhappy with the result. Dr. Iyengar was able to fix her upper eyelid ptosis with a scarless approach.

Case 1: This is a nice attorney who had blepharoplasty and direct brow ptosis performed by a general plastic surgeon.  She was unhappy with the result.  She had eyelid ptosis and we were able to address this in the office with our scarless approach to ptosis repair.  She was pleased with the result.


ptosis 2 1

ptosis 2 2

Case 2:  This is a nice woman who had blepharoplasty performed by a general dermatologist and was unhappy with the result.  She had left upper eyelid ptosis and received multiple injections of hyaluronic acid filler into her upper eyelid before she came to see us.   Once we were able to dissolve all the filler, we performed ptosis repair in the office, without any external incisions, and she was pleased with the result.

Case 3:  This is a case of a professional sports team executive who has the previous blepharoplasty elsewhere and was unhappy with the result.  She had upper eyelid ptosis.  She underwent ptosis repair without external incisions and was pleased with the result.

Case 4:  This is a nice young man bothered by a mild left upper eyelid ptosis or lid droop.  We were able to address his this with our scarless ptosis repair.  This approach is particularly helpful in the younger patient who is looking to avoid a scar.

Case 5:  This is a young girl who was bothered by upper eyelid ptosis and wanted this fixed before she started school.  Our incision-free ptosis repair provided quick recovery, perfect height and contour, and minimal pain. She and her mother were pleased with the result.

Case 6:  This is a patient who had long-standing upper eyelid ptosis and extra skin.  In patients like this, the upper eyelid skin and the upper eyelid droop can be addressed.

Case 7:  This is a nice physician (M.D.) colleague (OB-Gyn) who had upper eyelid ptosis and wished to improve her peripheral vision.  She had other medical issues at the time and wanted a procedure that had minimal downtime.  She underwent scarless ptosis repair by Dr. Iyengar and was pleased with the result.

Case 8:  This is a nationally-recognized physician (M.D.) colleague (Endocrinologist) that came to see us with upper eyelid droop.