How do I choose a surgeon for my eyelid surgery?

Choosing a surgeon for your eyelid surgery can be challenging in today’s world of social media and self-promoting Instagrams and, most recently, TikTok videos.   At our practice, we still believe that there is no substitute for appropriate training and expertise.  If we had a knee problem, we would want to see the knee specialist that operates on knees everyday.  Our practice is unique in that Dr. Iyengar is a nationally-recognized eyelid specialist, as an oculoplastic surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ( He is one of the most experienced eyelid surgeons in San Diego, has operated all over the world, operated on numerous physician colleagues, and the only one who operates on eyelids everyday.  However, we understand that not all patients are a good fit for our practice.  If we feel we cannot give you the best results possible with eyelid surgery or feel there is a better procedure suited for you, we maintain excellent relationships with surrounding physicians at the top of their specialties.  We hold safety as paramount, and often turn down patients who are not good candidates for eyelid surgery either due to dry eye or eyelid position abnormalities.